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Girls On Drums Festival - You Have an Appointment With Them !


Yes, we are a Festival already ! Idealized and created by the drummer and educator Joel Jr in 2010, Girls On Drums is today more than a accomplished dream - it's now the major Latin American drums/percussion festival performed only by girls !Since the begining the festival was sponsored by some of the great brands and a total sucess with the public. Quickly GoD obtained a legion of fans and the midia attention.Already happened four issues (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) and two special issues (Sao Paulo and Salvador). The following great artists performed at these issues :Nina Pará, Simone Sou, Vera Figueiredo, Jully Lee, Lucy Peart, Nicolle Paes, Paula Padovani, Aishá, Pitchu Ferraz, Patricia Teles, Isabel Gabiatti, Dani Gomes, Clau Sweet, Michelle Abu, Shirley Granato, Fernanda Terra , Naná Rizinni, Lari Constantini, Camila Teixeira, Roberta Kelly, Silvana Collagiovanni, Trietá Percussion Trio.But why a event only with girls playing ? The drumset always have been seen as a "male instrument". "Bang" a drum or anything like this seems to the more conservative people as anything but for girls.Since 1990 the educator Joel Jr has seen some good female students suffer some prejudice when starts to play drums and after some months or years, they abandoned the instrument. Some of them were very talented.So Joel Jr thought about something to bring some exposure for these girls.After some months of planning, Girls On Drums was almost ready to go !After the first issue various female bands was formed, a big amout of girls started to play drums and the Festival started to be acknowledge at all Brazilian market, social networks and outside Brazil.We can say that GoD Festival has popularized the art of playing drums at the all age girls and some of the artists after performed at the festival receive some great endorsements contracts ! Permanently Girls On Drums Festival already left it's mark !But the plans and ideas don't stop. Many young girls had contacted the festival production expressing their wishes to play at the festival and some great and professional players from South America, North America an Europe too !Yes, we are ready to come to your city soon !Stay tuned for the news !

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