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Girls on Drums - Salvador 2013

Girls on Drums 3 - Curitiba 2012

The drummers Isabel Gabiatti (RS), Nicolle Paes (SP), Paula Padovani (MG), Michelle Abu (BA) e Nina Pará (SP) besides the percussionist Aishá (PE), played in rainy night for about 150 people ! The issue was ... charming !

Girls on Drums 2 - Curitiba 2011


The second issue of GoD had the presence of the drummers Lucy Peart (PR), Shirley Granato (PR), Jully Lee (SP), Simone Sou (SP) e Vera Figueiredo (SP).It took place ate Jokers Pub, Curitiba, for about 230 people.

Girls on Drums 1 - Curitiba 2010


The first issue of GoD tooked place at the Drum Live, a local shop auditorium .About 180 people was present to applaud the drummers Dani Gomes (PR), Clau Sweet Zombie (PR), Lucy Peart (PR), Fernanda Terra (SP) e Nana Rizinni (SP), besides the suprising apparition of Nina Pará (SP).


Eduarda Heinklen (SC), Raquel Varella (PR) , Clau Sweet Zombiie (PR), Mariana Sanchez (SP),

Pitchu Ferraz (SP), Vera Figueiredo (SP)

Festival Issues

Leny Oliveira, Daniella Penna e Rosemeire Silva (BA), Patricia Teles (BA), Michelle Abu (BA), Camila Teixeira (SP)

Girls on Drums 4 - Curitiba 2013

Babi Age (PR), Roberta Kelly (SP), Camila Teixeira (SP), Leticia Santos (RJ), Lari Constantine (SP), Biba Meira (RS), Silvana Colagiovanni (Argentina)

Girls on Drums - São Paulo 2012

The following artists did the first special issue of GoD outside Curitiba, in Sao Paulo : Aishá (PE), Jully Lee (SP), Lucy (PR), Pitchu Ferraz (SP) e Patricia Teles (BA)

Girls On Drums 5 - Teatro do Paiol Curitiba

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